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Water Sports Events 2014

Worth a visit this week (21-25.05) at NauticLife in Newcastle upon Tyne, new and second hand equipment, windsurfing/kite good prices, I have been and I have already booked something :) Worth a visit if you are in the area, at the entrance ask for Peter (Shop Burgas). Happy shopping

New toy

I bought a few months ago a new toy, unfortunately I have not got to a test on the water yet. It's about DRIFT 170 HD Stealth, normally it is waterproof, withstand under water up to a depth of 0, 5 m so it should be ok, we'll see. Otherwise for ski
biking or other sports is only good, a little high, I know there are other smaller versions, I opted for the clamping device Drift is not very high that has lcd screen where you can see what the movies and can take it on vacation for regular shooting for example. Fish-eye lens allows an angle of 170 degrees which means it should contain very much of the landscape. Interestingly, no matter in what position installs camera lens rotates 360 degrees, the remote control is an accessory that should not be neglected. So here we hope you will take forward with us on:) water


To Lobos and back

Fear not bored I have never written about Fuerte – because I was again-other outputs on the water have never been, so nothing new stories. What has aroused the nostalgia is strong wind blowing right now, rip off is code yellow world is hectic on the TV what makes me smile thinking to Fuerteventura where it happens to have part of something a few days a week. I think a year has passed since I have never posted anything, like I said I have never had any outputs so the new experiences we had shared.  I returned recently from Fuerte where we had a brave wind 15-20 knots, 10 days out of 14 so I had, I did not bored :) . I pulled hard on waterstart for me had become a matter of principle and compulsory). I have got things in another order than it should, which means that first I learned to get in planaj and only now that I understand how hope is deal with waterstart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By BUA

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Windsurf Kite vs.

Last Weekend I made a trip to the sea, we lost a long time down the road but in the end it was worth it.I have managed to have a good wind for 30-60 min. :) While my pals were able to raise the kite for the first time. Is a small, smoldering conflict between us, kite windsurf vs. :) .  I told him how I loaded the batteries for the week in the few minutes since I touched the water once in a while, it seems like my pals, they were left with something TDY from what I understand, there were comical moments) Unfortunately we were on the water so we've lost, just retold and I had fun. Leaving kidding aside, might I entice you and me at some point anyway it seems like we're minoritatre bad … what I find advantageous is that it can carry much lighter than your windsurf-what is ok, you can take it virtually anywhere without the need to spend extra for the rental of equipment.


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Punta Paloma

It's nice to come back to places where you feel so good that at some point you start to be part of ' landscape ' and the world confuse:) with the locals. Much less the world over two years ago after the same period, the crisis hit on here or maybe the wind was not satisfactory to many of guys and have stayed at their homes. We rent equipment from Vollare a club with super ok guys and gals, jovial and helpful always ready to help you with a tip. Hugo and Maria were somewhere South of France in a race of 40 km that gets you every year and it says you need to participate at least once in a lifetime:) Can we do a gang in a year and the realization of the event ... So as I was saying I rent a Futura 133 l that I liked, comfortable and stable when getting into planaj, but like a J at the same volume water heaters goes out faster in the water. Well, one over the other is a 133 Futura super card ok for a raider retiree like myself who comes out once in a while:) on the water, I really liked it, I'm sorry that I haven't got to give me with 122 l. version I was lucky to catch the one of the days of Levante, which from what I understand is a strong wind blowing from the East By BUA Read more Punta Paloma

Fuerte again

Yes, this time I learned to mind and I have more long-term rental equipment in the Sotavento. Anyway I stayed in Coralejo which is exactly opposite of the island of Sotavento on North. Total success, the 7-day 6 with the wind between 15 – 20 knots At – near Coralejo beachflag many kite, – 1, 2 m :) I just admired the scenery. I have rented from Ventura in Coralejo next port, super boys help with the water board, … Deluxe trolley).It is an area with many stones in the water but have made a concrete driveway l of 1-1.5 metres from entering deep into the sea! I was thinking how good it would catch alley that Cantu :) . Taboo boards and sails, Gasta can change depending on how the wind blows, reasonable prices, much more ok than Sotavento, it is true that neither the landscape out there but how do we know you can't have them all :) I was still at Sotavento one day and I was lucky this time with your ’. It's incredibly flat water here can only in Alacati to be so tell the boys that have been and seen through pictures. Unfortunately, it comes as no pictures this time I didn't who knows what but now the objective causes, I ran out of camera :) I have left only what I got to do with the phone …

                                                                                                                                                                                          by BUA

The season opened in Bucharest!

I welcome those who have started the season, especially of Andrei who sent the invitation. As you see we have wind, the ice is gone and now we enter us. Today there are approximately 12-14 knots, but having a day where you have to get ready for Easter, came off just 4 who got the chance.

I hope to see you soon on the water in a larger band, until then a Happy Easter!

                                                                                                                                                                                                  By The CIA

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– Egypt Hurghada

DSC00277_resizeEgypt, a wonderful country in terms of tourism and water sports. The best period seems to be October because it's not very hot and in a few days and catch the wind. If you get here it's a shame not to do dives or to visit as much as you can.  Unfortunately I haven't got to the plate, give me the car was ahead of where I was and when I found him already alocasem time for other stuff :) .  What I can tell you is that most of the times when the wind blows the water is flat ” … “

I put some pictures to see the Windsurf Club/prices and a few invatacei.

PS: Worth staying here.

Read more for pictures.

By The CIA

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Warning! René Egli Center Fuerteventura – – Pro pay equipment for no wind day:)

Even if it was not a happy experience of renting equipment has nothing to do with the location that is dream. windsurfing more ok Conditions all year round, water 18-23 g. air temperature 20-26 g.  the wind > or = 3 bft.  I gave at the Sotavento, the location known precisely due to the wind, takes place every year here the stage of the World Cup. Equipment for rent can be found everywhere, as I was saying windsurfing here is at home and even more if you want to try the surf side of the island is suitable for it, waves of 2-3 m believe they are only good :) .  It was the first time I saw a surfer live in action, it is true that I sparked some instincts but with all that I have tried, maybe next time.  I know it is a bit more complicated to get there but it's worth, if you organize with almost 6 months before you can find flight deals around 200 eur/person.  EasyJet take € 50 for the transport, which may be a better solution than to rent on the spot. It's true that I've got EasyJet from Madrid-Fuerteventura, don't know how much it would cost Pcs – Madrid echipamnetul but like I said it may be a … solution


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Windsurfing contest

Saturday and Sunday (“ 15-16 august 2009 ) will take place at Piccadilly Windsurfers Paradise Mamaia-Cup "Orange"the windsurfing ”

Most likely those attending Romanian sites Windsurf (and there are too many unfortunately) they saw that in time and location specified above, we will have a contest windsurfing this year.

It looks like there were small problems that have been solved and we return with a vengeance with the announcement for all lovers of this sport.

We have time? He's amazed us? How do we organize?

See you on the water.

By The CIA.