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Windsurfing on Md.


May … wind … good weekend for about 3-4 hours and in Bucharest. “ little ” gang in Bucharest was assembled quickly for a night out on the water. A few of us, we managed to arrive on time, but at least I got to make some pictures up to crash your ’.

If you want to start this sport we hope we can help with our tips for beginning to do first will discourage.

 At first, nothing is easy, but trying and following the advice of those who know, you learn more easily.

For pictures Read more.

By The CIA

3 comments to Windsurfing on Md.

  • Nader

    The ’ s Borner Squad are magnificent! I want to be so special and I like them. Hehehehe

  • laura

    Does anyone know where you can rent windsurfing equipment in Bucharest? There is also a windsurfing school? Thanks

  • Bua

    Try, I know you were on, more specifically between the Opera Le Gaga
    and tennis courts (the Chinese Embassy entrance)

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