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3 Days of wind from the sea

navodari0609As those who were likely to have noticed, in this long weekend to beat ” vantuuuul “ and velierele on the water kite.

Saturday at Camping “ Marina ” of New Haven, Surf every year took Volvo Cup, a competition of Catamarans. The wind was plentiful at 12: 00 a.m. so that the competition to take place in normal conditions.

Surfers at sea were few (myself included) but it seems that those who have come out in the area do not have too much state due to high velelor we had with us and the wind accentuase a bit much.

One of the jobs went to great that I recommend for those who want to go out on the water is located at the “ Inn ” Pirates to Hudson Bay. Is a wild Beach, if you can call it that, comes not too many people and you can sit peacefully with lying on the beach without confusing anyone.

For all those who want to meet me is water, I will try to announce exit before the day/second.

For pictures Read more.

By The CIA

2 comments to 3 Days of wind from the sea

  • Nader

    I would like to have a Word with the one who made the pictures.Sant.

  • Cia

    The pictures are not too brilliant and neither device is not too great, but I'm trying to get something.

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