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Warning! René Egli Center Fuerteventura – – Pro pay equipment for no wind day:)

Even if it was not a happy experience of renting equipment has nothing to do with the location that is dream. windsurfing more ok Conditions all year round, water 18-23 g. air temperature 20-26 g.  the wind > or = 3 bft.  I gave at the Sotavento, the location known precisely due to the wind, takes place every year here the stage of the World Cup. Equipment for rent can be found everywhere, as I was saying windsurfing here is at home and even more if you want to try the surf side of the island is suitable for it, waves of 2-3 m believe they are only good :) .  It was the first time I saw a surfer live in action, it is true that I sparked some instincts but with all that I have tried, maybe next time.  I know it is a bit more complicated to get there but it's worth, if you organize with almost 6 months before you can find flight deals around 200 eur/person.  EasyJet take € 50 for the transport, which may be a better solution than to rent on the spot. It's true that I've got EasyJet from Madrid-Fuerteventura, don't know how much it would cost Pcs – Madrid echipamnetul but like I said it may be a … solution


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