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Fuerte again

Yes, this time I learned to mind and I have more long-term rental equipment in the Sotavento. Anyway I stayed in Coralejo which is exactly opposite of the island of Sotavento on North. Total success, the 7-day 6 with the wind between 15 – 20 knots At – near Coralejo beachflag many kite, – 1, 2 m :) I just admired the scenery. I have rented from Ventura in Coralejo next port, super boys help with the water board, … Deluxe trolley).It is an area with many stones in the water but have made a concrete driveway l of 1-1.5 metres from entering deep into the sea! I was thinking how good it would catch alley that Cantu :) . Taboo boards and sails, Gasta can change depending on how the wind blows, reasonable prices, much more ok than Sotavento, it is true that neither the landscape out there but how do we know you can't have them all :) I was still at Sotavento one day and I was lucky this time with your ’. It's incredibly flat water here can only in Alacati to be so tell the boys that have been and seen through pictures. Unfortunately, it comes as no pictures this time I didn't who knows what but now the objective causes, I ran out of camera :) I have left only what I got to do with the phone …

                                                                                                                                                                                          by BUA

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