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Punta Paloma

It's nice to come back to places where you feel so good that at some point you start to be part of ' landscape ' and the world confuse:) with the locals. Much less the world over two years ago after the same period, the crisis hit on here or maybe the wind was not satisfactory to many of guys and have stayed at their homes. We rent equipment from Vollare a club with super ok guys and gals, jovial and helpful always ready to help you with a tip. Hugo and Maria were somewhere South of France in a race of 40 km that gets you every year and it says you need to participate at least once in a lifetime:) Can we do a gang in a year and the realization of the event ... So as I was saying I rent a Futura 133 l that I liked, comfortable and stable when getting into planaj, but like a J at the same volume water heaters goes out faster in the water. Well, one over the other is a 133 Futura super card ok for a raider retiree like myself who comes out once in a while:) on the water, I really liked it, I'm sorry that I haven't got to give me with 122 l. version I was lucky to catch the one of the days of Levante, which from what I understand is a strong wind blowing from the East By BUA(here comes something good from this side).All over the world waiting for him, initially I thought it was about a guy:). 55 knots were too much for me, but I enjoyed most of the surrounding atmosphere. If you want to stand out from the city in the evening I do not recommend to come out earlier than 9: 30 p.m. pt. as only then the sun goes down during this period and earlier of this time is a little demanding especially after a day on the water and the Sun). Not to be missed with his historic center of narrow streets which form a labyrinth that we haven't managed to decipher nor after 10 days:). But attention, looking good for that you will have pleasant surprises, bars and clubs, intimate and atmospheric as that should not be missed.

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