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Windsurf Kite vs.

Last Weekend I made a trip to the sea, we lost a long time down the road but in the end it was worth it.I have managed to have a good wind for 30-60 min. :) While my pals were able to raise the kite for the first time. Is a small, smoldering conflict between us, kite windsurf vs. :) .  I told him how I loaded the batteries for the week in the few minutes since I touched the water once in a while, it seems like my pals, they were left with something TDY from what I understand, there were comical moments) Unfortunately we were on the water so we've lost, just retold and I had fun. Leaving kidding aside, might I entice you and me at some point anyway it seems like we're minoritatre bad … what I find advantageous is that it can carry much lighter than your windsurf-what is ok, you can take it virtually anywhere without the need to spend extra for the rental of equipment.


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