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To Lobos and back

Fear not bored I have never written about Fuerte – because I was again-other outputs on the water have never been, so nothing new stories. What has aroused the nostalgia is strong wind blowing right now, rip off is code yellow world is hectic on the TV what makes me smile thinking to Fuerteventura where it happens to have part of something a few days a week. I think a year has passed since I have never posted anything, like I said I have never had any outputs so the new experiences we had shared.  I returned recently from Fuerte where we had a brave wind 15-20 knots, 10 days out of 14 so I had, I did not bored :) . I pulled hard on waterstart for me had become a matter of principle and compulsory). I have got things in another order than it should, which means that first I learned to get in planaj and only now that I understand how hope is deal with waterstart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By BUA

Issue No. 1 was how to remove the water sail The solution was something like this: the Board's tail to the corner (boom) near the mast (mast) then click on the tail and you will fall under the URS (boom), and will sail out of the water, that provided the shot (boom) is not too high and exceed the rear boards (board) after you get it on the motherboard (on-board) so you have managed to remove the powerful pedalling under water to a chicken perpendicular to the direction from which the wind blows, now the wind passes under it so it's easy and you can maneuver. From here you have to conduct yourself very well and moves to be decided :) . As I was saying, the sail is supported Muhammad (boom) Board (board), to catch a handful of mast above the corner (boom) and rises over you head, the other hand on the URS (boom), the left foot heel if you're on the right side of the Board (the board), or vice versa if you are left between the footstrap in this mode places the Board (board) with the windfrom here catch the wind in the sail, mast hand moving on the URS (boom), when you get the raise URS (boom) and the wind is going to get out of the water :) . I am convinced that you have not understood anything and I at my turn, I read a lot of sites and I've watched a lot of movies, water is something you have to think and to move quickly. We hope to start a few days on the water this year, will keep up to date when it will me a waterstart movement resume in more detail or fail to tell a clearer:).  The rest I made racing back and forth, Lobos Lobos is a small island, uninhabited, in the North, passing beside it to Lanzarote, attempts to jibe, plonjoane in water, waterstart and so I kept it :) . Else what to say, I did not change anything in the Fuerte are all in place as I left, just as they resumed work at the highway and is preparing for the end of inauguration of Ikea and Mercadona to whom it may concern :) . We rent all equipment from the Ventura Surf boards and sails Gastra Taboo, I stuck the same volume water heaters 135l but now as I begin to get along with a link to waterstart begin to decrease:)

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