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Wind from Bucharest


Hey all you visiting the site.

Pretty late this “ post ”, but unfortunately lately I was kinda stramtorati of time and the weather has not kept with us too. A month ago it was kinda the last exiting the water in Bucharest on the Lacul Morii (Md.) when we got together and we did a small tour on the water. A good day but given with the plate warmer water, wind, everything for a quick exit. On the Lake and several invatacei were trying early moves on the water.

So for this trip, those who want to see the pictures please read below.

 By The CIA.

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3 Days of wind from the sea

navodari0609As those who were likely to have noticed, in this long weekend to beat ” vantuuuul “ and velierele on the water kite.

Saturday at Camping “ Marina ” of New Haven, Surf every year took Volvo Cup, a competition of Catamarans. The wind was plentiful at 12: 00 a.m. so that the competition to take place in normal conditions.

Surfers at sea were few (myself included) but it seems that those who have come out in the area do not have too much state due to high velelor we had with us and the wind accentuase a bit much.

One of the jobs went to great that I recommend for those who want to go out on the water is located at the “ Inn ” Pirates to Hudson Bay. Is a wild Beach, if you can call it that, comes not too many people and you can sit peacefully with lying on the beach without confusing anyone.

For all those who want to meet me is water, I will try to announce exit before the day/second.

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By The CIA

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Windsurfing on Md.


May … wind … good weekend for about 3-4 hours and in Bucharest. “ little ” gang in Bucharest was assembled quickly for a night out on the water. A few of us, we managed to arrive on time, but at least I got to make some pictures up to crash your ’.

If you want to start this sport we hope we can help with our tips for beginning to do first will discourage.

 At first, nothing is easy, but trying and following the advice of those who know, you learn more easily.

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By The CIA

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At Navodari

We have given with the plate but it was not the wind :)

We've got to rip off your ’ give up after I got out of the city, that if we try to take the good from this weekend. I soaked the sails in the water, not to say that we came for nothing and at 4 pm we were back home. We hope to be more lucky next time.


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Bucharest – Lacul Morii

Lake-morii_7 The first outing on the water in 2009 but the first outing on Lake mill. The Lake is big enough and the matter pretty much the direction from which the wind blows when you do decide to venture on it.  This Lake has a sad history although it can be cleaned and arranged for a small base, but always are obstacles to this end.

    Access to water is a bit more difficult because it is surrounded by concrete and you have to be careful of equipment to do it julesti. We gathered only 3 people because the wind was not thankful enough for some, but I felt a little motion on the water at the beginning of the season doesn't hurt.

By The CIA

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– Parc Mamaia


Autumn outing, day of competition. On this day there were few Surfers at Penguin tight Mamaia for the fall contest. For the fact that they are not competition windsurfer, I walked out and I may at a distance so as not to confuse the task. A windy day good for competition and a freeride on the water. Being barely-2nd attempt on the water with the new equipment (Starboard Rio M + Vela 7.5) I was very pleased with him. I managed to planez, I managed to fall a great deal very windy for sail used.
   On the Lake recommend to come out when you are in the beginning because there are waves compared to United and you can learn easier. At sea, however, will better balance with regular standing on the plate.

Success and see you on the water.

By The CIA

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– Golden Beach Thassos


I was warned before leaving the a to I part of wind here but I didn't want to believe it. After three days of waiting I got my plate and went in search of the wind. I found only on the opposite side of the island, the West Coast somewhere besides Skala Aaa. It had accumulated so much frustration so I went offshore so sorry and how much you duceai forward with both the wind was better, I got a little scared when I wanted to get back, the shore was so far that I don't even know where we started :) do not like me pls. It was the first outing with new Solo 7.5, maybe that was why I was so anxious to see how it behaves on the water).  And it moves well, looks solid as a sail all NP-s also. It is true that you put in planaj as a V6 or V8 but I say it to someone at the beginning of the road have some fun with it, does not have any rooms so you can remove the water relatively easy :) .


La Herradura


 The Heradura is situated in a quiet Bay on the Mediterranean Sea, 60 km north of Málaga. On the beach you can find car rental Centre, from kayaks to windsurf boards, does not Rob a wery wide range of boards and sails, but unless you're very picky you can make pleasant vacation with what he has on there. As you can see in the photo you can find cat equipment fit in the two sheds :) . I gave it a Go 170l and a sail of 8.5 and even I had, a few days were windy healthier when I managed to get in planaj with it. I tried to train me for Tarifa :) If you are in the area you can go to greet him on Rob.




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It's a dream especially for who knows to give you good wind throughout the year and believe me blow hard (see windguru :) )

Tarifa is a destination known precisely because winsurfer. The village is full of practitioners of this sport which gives a special air. Too many African influences as just the black continent is 30 mim. with ferriboat. Accommodation in Tarifa is not exactly cheap, but there are several campgrounds on the beach where you can camp or rent a House. Equipment for rent can be found in abundance, are attended by most manufacturers (Mistral, Starboard, Neilpryde JP, …).                                                                                                                                                                                 By BUA

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– Herastrau Bucharest


Sometimes we also have more “ vantoase ” primaveri in Bucharest :) . I decided to enter the us in water at the beginning of the season for moving and a little preparation for driving from the sea. The Park is ok, good surface for a night out, but because of the trees does not come out what I want. Besides fruit trees there are many lurkers:) ” “.
   For those who want to learn and don't have the opportunity to get too often, can try here first steps to stay in balance on the plate and a few moves. Unlike other lakes in Herastrau Park is dried up each year and access to water and cleaning can be done very easily on the island where there are several small sports facility.

By The CIA

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