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As I promised here are the pieces that make up a complete windsurfing equipment:

 baza_catargFirst ‘ power ’ base in translation the mast or how I want to say, is an important piece of gear for a windsurf, makes the connection between the plate and the sail, and exemplify how at the right time. Attention should not forget it at home, to me it happened and I had to get back out of the way, what was not just liked :) .







picior_de_catargFurther we have foot mast, another small piece and very important :) the fixeaxa at the bottom of the mast and sheaves that are seen in the image and using those on vela tensioneaza canvas is based on instuctiunile marked on it







extensie_catargMast extension as you have already given consideration and as the name says is an extension to the mast. From what I know I am masts of different sizes from 400 or even lower to 520 cm.  You can not find the sail to the mast at potriveasaca that you have, that's why the extension is. With an extension of 50 cm at a mast of 430-460 cm can cover a wide range of sails (up to 8.5-9 m2) without having to invest in another mast which is usually expensive, especially one that has high carbon content.    


instructiuni_velaAs I said here are the inscriptions on the vela, base = 24 cm mean that we have to set the extension to 24 cm luff = 454 cm represents the total length of the mast + extension. So the picture that Richie has an area of 3.8 m I need a mast of 430 cm + 24 cm extension.




GalaBoom or shot is also of different sizes to accommodate width velei sizes divesrele. As you notice he has an extension of about 50 cm. For a tensioner as good to velei follow the instructions on the tag boom sail where you'll find out how much you need to spread shot in such a way that you sail manufacturer's recommendations after the tense.

uphaulUphaul rope or scota if I understand well how it says to us is another part of this importance f. windsurf engine.  Without it you can not remove the sail out of the water, that's if you know waterstart and no longer need :)  . I hope to teach myself this year on vacation not the other but I'm kinda hurts :)







finaLast but not least the Fine catch plate and is also of different sizes, don't insist here on these details (important for that matter). I'll come back soon with a new chapter As mount ’ ‘ :) . Pleasant holiday!