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The first lesson

I designed this site in order to attract more undecided, passionate about this sport, but I don't know what to buy, where and especially how to call various parts of a windsurfer. Soon we will post pictures and details about each component separately.

In order not to be disappointed when you decided to buy a Board (board) as a rookie and did not have any idea about the sport buy a Board (board) l 90-100 cm and with volume around 200 l that in order to have as good stability on the water. Also a sail 4-4.5 m would be very good for that would be easy and you don't make a lot of effort when you get up out of the water. I've seen many beginners struggling with various other options, if you are persevering you can and so but believe me, it is more difficult to say from my own experience :) . Filmuletz-below is pretty eloquent for a beginner I, to track the position of your feet to be timed to coincide with velei movements (sail), if you caught the movement you are on the right track :) Good Luck!